a Tudor Recipe – Sodde Eggs

As a young ingenue working at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum I had the privilege of working as a costumed interpreter in Winkhurst Tudor kitchen in the first year the building was furnished properly. I was a scullery maid to the head cook, a lovely and vivacious woman named Dawn.

She taught me the following recipe and I’ve regularly prepared it ever since. It is particularly excellent as a cold/hangover cure.

Take as many eggs as you want to serve and hard boil them. Peel and halve.

Take a generous block of butter and gently melt in a heavy pan. Add a couple of heaped teaspoons of wholegrain mustard and a generous dash of cider or white wine vinegar. Season to taste and stir well.

Drown the eggs liberally (this is the ‘sodde’ bit, nothing to do with buggery!) with the sauce.

The wonderful thing about this sauce is that you can adjust the quantities of the sauce ingredients to taste. Personally I like so much mustard and vinegar that one taste makes my face pucker up, but if you fancy a milder sauce be sparing.

I find a bit of toast to mop up any remaining sauce also adds a bit of crunch. I’ve also used the sauce as a warm salad dressing.

Try this simple dish and tell me what you think of your tudor cooking!

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