Raucous walks in the heart of London

I offer a variety of guided walks around the streets of central London. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary with a theatrical twist, you’ve found your tour guide! Blending comedy with history, I’ll show you the London that your guidebook knows nothing about!

Contact for enquiries and booking. Prices upon request.

Tour themes include:

Shakespeare in the City – Discover the city that Will left Stratford for. We visit his addresses, his haunts and even his church before ending at the Globe theatre. If Shakespeare seemed stuffy and dull to you in school, I’ll blow away the cobwebs of Academia to reveal a charming man who crammed his plays with innuendo for rowdy audiences in a theatre surrounded by brothels and bear-baiting pits.

Pepys Show – the swinging 1660s! Covers the Restoration of the Monarchy, plague and the Great Fire of London as chronicled by Samuel Pepys. Includes the Diary Dirty Bits that the publishers edited out!

Boswell Behaving Badly – proving that the 60s swing in any century, James Boswell wrote of his 18thC decade of drunken debauchery in a diary. We follow in his footsteps to learn how to live life to the full in the 1700s.

Villain or Victim? – Visit the places where notorious characters lived and died. I’ll offer their biography from new and different perspectives and we’ll decide whether these Londoners were truly wicked or victims of the history books.

Prisons and Executions – Stand on the sites of infamous jails and gruesome gallows. I’ll introduce you to criminals who were the celebrities of their time and explain how their brutal punishments changed throughout the centuries.

Murder and Mischief – London had fascinating crimes long before Jack the Ripper prowled the streets. Follow cases of violence, revenge and stolen corpses!

Sex and the City (of London…) – You’ll soon find that our ancestors really knew how to have a good time! Visit ancient red light districts, meet cultured courtesans and enterprising brothel madams. Discover the bizarre ways that previous generations negotiated STDs and birth control and hear about the affairs and sex scandals that rocked society. We also delve into the history of LGBT Londoners.

Disease, Death and Destruction – From Boudicca to the Blitz, London has survived calamities and disasters and always managed to come back stronger. Retrace the footsteps of the men and women who endured fires, plagues, barbarians and bombs yet always retained that great British gallows humour.

Can’t decide? I can create your very own mash-up!

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